We give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm

We do whatever it takeS - transforming their lives and the future we share

Who We Are

We are a development charity working with and for the children in Sierra Leone

Brima Kpakra and his wife, Esther Jenneh Sandy, started fostering children in 2010. Brima's own upbringing reveals the beginnings for his genuine passion to promote and encourage other's development from a young age by focusing on education and discipline. Growing up, Brima was one of 30 children his father raised, of which 21 were adopted: Their primary caregivers were either not alive anymore or not able to look after them.
It became his life mission to continue doing good and helping vulnerable children who cross his path. 


Today, we foster 14 children – 8 girls and 6 boys, with ages ranging from 1 until 14 years old. Our children come from across Sierra Leone: Two are from Torma Bum in Bonthe District, four are from rural Bo region, one is from the North, four from Moyamba, three from Pujehun.

All 14 children come from dysfunctional or broken family backgrounds. As an example, three of our girls have no mother, as they passed away during complicated child-birth or as a result of sickness. Four of our children have had their biological fathers deny pregnancies, which meant that they had no father, yet the mother was unable to support the child, for various reasons, mostly economical. 



We select and focus on vulnerablle children, so they are not drop outs – be it from school, or society as a whole.

First, wconsider their background and identify potential. Children come via recommendation. At times, the parents themselves bring their children to Give a Chance. Unfortunately, due to today’s capacity constraints, Brima and Esther cannot say yes to everyone. Nevertheless, we try our best to help the most in need. 

Sometimes, the selection is by chance. For example: One 8-year old girl from the community kept returning to the veranda of Give a Chance home to help her study. Why? Because Give a Chance is one of the few houses that has power for lights. Brima and Esther learned that the girl’s mother was not alive and she is from an impoverished background. They decided to foster Adama Kamara immediately. With a safe home and support for Adama to pursue her studies. Today, she is 10 years old and the change has been transformational.