Our work for children in Sierra Leone

We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What We DO

Our Child Sponsorship Initiative caters for the holistic development of vulnerable children in need – spiritually, physically, economically and socially.

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Full Scholarships

Even though – officially – education in public schools is ‘free’ in Sierra Leone, fees are nevertheless involved that are difficult to reach by many.

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Provision of teaching materials, uniform and clothing

Learning materials are the essential tools that are the foundation for a learning journey.

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Additional classes after school

Additional classes after school: Some take them in public school, others at Give A Chance home to reinforce learnings. Two private tutors are hired to help.  


We provide nutritious and well-balanced meals to all our children. 

Medical Care

We make regular checks to all children and treatment on a needs basis. We are all about preventative measures (i.e. mosquito nets against malaria, nutritious meals for strong immunity).

Empowerment of Parents

We aim to empower willing parents through entrepreneurship and sustainable economic initiatives, so that they have the resources to take care of their children. 



  • School: Focus on formal education in a public school
  • Additional evening classes: In public school or at Give A Chance home. Two hours a day with two tutors from 4 until 6 pm. The tutors teach the normal school syllabus outside of school hours. 


  • Catching up with homework, fun and games, relaxation
  • We even have a movie night every Saturday, when we huddle together and watch a movie on our TV at home.  
  • Going to Church and engaging with the community
  • Preparation for tomorrow’s school: Ensuring uniform in clean, evening studies.
Esther Jenneh Sandy is helping immensely throughout the week: Taking care of the home and everyone’s welfare, homework in the evening hours. 
Sunday Church outing


To ensure long-term sustainability and keep Give a Chance going for many years to come, we envision our ‘graduates’ – those who successfully completed primary and secondary education and have continued for further studies or work – to give back in the form of donation or their time to assist. This means that the cycle of giving chances and lifting others up – continues. 
We would like to continue focusing on education, specifically of girls. We believe that an educated girl = an educated nation. Education = empowerment. Education allows to identify one’s potential. With education, standard of living improves – one has the tools to make use of in a meaningful way, is more innovative and capable to positively contribute to the society and economy.