Your contribution will give a chance for children to have a brighter future

We accept donations to sponsor children as well as non-restricted funds to help develop our NGO

                                      WHAT HELP DO WE NEED?

                                              We would like to increase our capacity to foster more children. We require support with:


Fostering more children – covering expenses for education, teaching materials, uniform, clothing, feeding, medical care.

The dream is to reach 300 children: Children will be supported all the way from toddler age (2+) until end of school (20+). Once in University, they will still be part of the program with regular check-ins to ensure they are on track to achieve their dreams. 

Current status: 

Several children are identified that require immediate help, however Give a Chance requires funding to accommodate them. 


Constructing a new home to have more rooms and a larger space. 

Current status: 

The site is identified (left) and building plan is being developed. Seeking funding to move from idea to implementation.


14 years old

— Magaret Sheriff

5 years old

— Emmanuel Sandy

13 years old

— Josephine Sawaneh

6 years old

— Thomas Junior Sandy

11 years old

— Adama Kamara

13 years old

— Mamie  Brima

7 years old

— Mark  Mansaray

4 years old

— Abu Bakarr  Sandy

4 years old

— Adama  Sesay

8 years old

— Mbalu  Sannoh

6 years old

— Sento  Sannoh

3 years old

— Sulaiman Daloma