A Children's Charity in Sierra Leone


Who We Are

We are a development charity, working with and for the children in Sierra Leone – a beautiful country in West Africa.

We empower children with knowledge, confidence and dreams for a bright future – Giving them A Chance.  Our vision is to see a society where children are educated, do not go to bed hungry, and have their fundamental rights recognized, respected and protected.

According to the United Nations Human Development Index, Sierra Leone remains among the world’s poorest countries, ranking 181 out of 189 countries. Our choice to base in Sierra Leone is not by chance: We are a grassroots charity, with the founders origin being Sierra Leone.  

Brima Kpakra and his wife, Esther Jenneh Sandy, started fostering children in 2010. Brima’s own upbringing reveals the beginnings for his genuine passion to promote and encourage other’s development from a young age by focusing on education and discipline. Growing up, Brima was one of 30 children his father raised, of which 21 were adopted: Their primary caregivers were either not alive anymore or not able to look after them. 

What We Do


— We Select

We prioritise children who are from underprivileged backgrounds, yet show great potential. Due to unfortunate events, such as Ebola, most of our children lost their parent(s) and simply do not have a home that can pay for their education or even feed them. 


— We Provide a Home

Our purpose-built home currently houses 15 children, with boys and girls sleeping in separate rooms. As our charity grows, we aim to accommodate more children by expanding our housing capacity. 


— We Educate

Education is the foundation of our work. We pride ourselves in supporting children through formal education and ensuring they have sufficient supplementary support outside of school.


— We Nurture

No child deserves to go to bed hungry. We believe that every child is worthy of eating a balanced and nutritious diet, which is exactly what our charity provides. Nurturing your body nurtures your mind. 


— We Care

With foster care, our aim is to equip the child with the life skills and support to enter into adulthood with confidence. Our ultimate goal is to reunite the child with their birth parent(s) or guardian at the right moment for both of them. 


— We Mentor

We guide our children to college / university admission, and follow them through the years. “Graduates”, as well call them, from Give A Chance, act as mentors to the youngest children. It is a wonderful cycle of care that grows with time.

Impact Stories

Thanks to Give A Chance, I realised my childhood dream and today I am a qualified nurse" - Janet Jinna Sandy (adoptee)

Janet joined Give A Chance when she was 14. Janet’s family background is complex and difficult, and she was struggling. 

Becoming a nurse has been Janet’s dream since she can remember. Under the guidance and care of Brima and Esther, Janet persevered throughout secondary school and excelled. 

Janet successfully enrolled in a community health nursing course and graduated in 2020. She is now practicing in a hospital in Bo City. Janet could not be happier and more grateful for all the support and love she received from Brima, Esther and the Give A Chance family.

Even though Janet is no longer living in the Give A Chance home, Brima and Esther regularly check in with her to ensure she is on track. Janet inherited the ethic of helping others when she can and, when she is more independent, she would like to give back to Give A Chance, thus providing an exponential benefit to others – giving them a chance, just like she had. 

There is no better organisation in Sierra Leone that supports children reach their dreams" - Micheli Siqueira (adoptor)

“I met Brima when I worked in Sierra Leone two years ago. I asked if he had children. He told me he has 12. I was surprised and he clarified: 2 from blood and 10 from heart. I was touched by the fact that someone with not much resources choose to fill their home with as many children as possible. I truly wanted to help his mission and asked for the possibility to financially support one more child. This is when I met Mamie

She was 10 years old and her background was poor: There was no trace of her father since the Ebola outbreak, and she was supported just by her mother. She was so happy that she would start a new life and have new opportunities. 

Even though I am based on another continent, we are in touch and I am part of Mamie’s life. I dream of bringing her to Europe for higher education. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world and I believe real change can only come from inside: This is why we need to prepare these children through education so they can be the transformational power in their country.”